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The organisation feels that these press articles would go a long way in not only recognising our ceaseless efforts or appreciating our work but also clean any doubts about the integrity of the organisation, in whatever way it can, and that had been due for a long time. It is therefore indebted to the fourth estate, the press, for giving due exposure and bringing to light many issues to their readers thereby garnering public support to the righteous activities taken up by the organisation.

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National Anti Corruption & Crime Preventive Council


Gross Misuse of the National Emblem (Trimurti) and Tricolor by the NGO Viz All India Labour Welfare Seva Sangh of West Bengal

After Sensing Suspicion about the bonafides of the NGO, we carried out a sting operation by downloading the photographs of six most wanted Criminals from Chota Shakeel , Tiger Memon , Hemant Pujari and others and the NGO without verifying the truthfullness of the above details took money and issued ID Cards giving various important posts in CID and CBI Cell

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Mega Exposure »

Gross Abuse of Power and Misuse by illegal and Bogus NGOs in Mumbai City.

Deliberate attempt to hush up and screen the offenders and treating whistle blowers as Accused by Officers of Mulund Police Station and higher ups. Further the Officers of Arms and Ammunition Department of Mumbai Police had Indiscriminately and recklessly issued Certificates

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Cases Exposed »

VIP Treatment Given to Ajmal Kasab.

Letter addressed to the A.T.S Chief, Maharashtra State regarding curbing the misuse of Indian Law by Terrorist Ajmal Kasab and further requesting for Speedy Disposal in the matter

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Threat »

Threat From Overseas Gangsters.

Shocking revealation in the conspiracy between Police and Dreaded Criminals. The needle of suspicion is against the I.O and the higher ups who were duty bound to scan the progress of the Crime

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Irregularities in World Bank Projects in MHADA.

The NGO had taken up a matter about the bungling and unholy alliance between the corrupt public servants of MHADA and the Land Grabbers. It was a clear cut Contempt of High Court Order and the copy of the report submitted by the Chief Vigilance Officer of MHADA to the Principal Secetary, Housing, Government of Maharashtra speak volumes

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  • Pathetic and sorry news of a seventy two years old Freedom Fighter fighting for grant of freedom fighter pension. Due to the intervention of the NACCPC the Government of Maharashtra finally Issued the Freedom Fighter his Recognition

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  • Former Chairmen of Children's Aid Society accused for misusing the funds

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  • Brutal atrocity against adivasi/tribal girl

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In continuation of our earlier publications, to keep updates of the organization in the past five years, this article is our effort to collate some of the critical issues that the Mumbai Chapter had taken up with various department & government authorities.