July 2, 2020

About Us

naccpc_videochannelOur organization was started in the year 1994. Our source of inspiration is Late Shri Ramdas Nayak (Senior Leader of BJP) from whom we imbibed the drive to fight and crusade for justice and righteousness

The organization viz National Anti Corruption and Crime Preventive Council was founded with a view to eradicate crime and corruption. Raise your voice and it will be heard

The organization is indebted to the support given by many journalists and personages Due to our active involvement and keen interest taken in solving issues of public interest, the matters were given wide publicity in prominent newspapers.

The fight for justice against corruption is never easy. It never has been and never will be. It exacts a toll on our self, our families ,our friends and especially our children. In the end I believe , as in my case the price we paid is well worth holding on to our dignity

We’re not anti-wealth. We’re anti-greed. We’re not anti-business. We’re anti-monopoly. We’re not anti-government. We’re anti-corruption.

When aid reaches the masses, the country will shine. Don’t take bribes. Corruption is a crime

Mass poverty, crimes and destruction these are the consequences of corruption

Raise a hand, raise a finger Do anything, but don’t let corruption linger

Rules and Regulations to Enroll as NACCPC member

Those who intend to join the organization , needs to undertake, obey and follow all the terms, conditions, rules and directions of the organization enclosing his entire bio data prescribed in the membership form.

  1. A member will not involve himself, alone or otherwise directly into any controversial incident. Due to the very profile of the organization, every cautionery approach needs to be taken, lest the issue may catapult into a mishap or misadventure.
  2. Any matter pertaining will be first brought to the notice of the President and discussed in detail to chalk out course of action as deemed fit.
  3. In every respect, a case will need supporting by way of evidence , documentary proof and a plaint from the complainant.
  4. Communication is essential and therefore it is necessary to freely communicate and keep in touch with the President and Office bearers from time to time. Trust all of us collectively work for the common goal to eradicate corruption and crime at all levels